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Script Development is perhaps the most
underutilized and yet most desperately needed facet of screenwriting in today's market.












Welcome to the home page of Script Assessment and Development; a feature film script editing service for Writers, Producers and Production Companies.

Script A&D consultants are experienced, former Studio Script readers who have extensive experience in developing and assessing screenplays in Hollywood. Writing for the US and the increasingly internationally competitive film markets such as the UK or Australia, is a dynamic, rapidly evolving skill. In an industry that is forever changing its definition of 'what's hot', we offer unparalleled insight and analysis on the qualitative aspects of your story as well as ideas to boost its commercial viability in the highly volatile spec script market.

Script A&D also works directly with state and federal government funding entities, so we know first-hand what they are looking for in their respective Feature Development Programs. Before submitting your script for development or production funding, make sure your script will catch the eye of evaluation managers by having it professionally assessed, developed or edited by us.

To learn more about what we do and why your script would benefit from an external assessment before going out into the market, please take a look around.

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