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Do your characters
react to the plot, or does the plot move because of them?
More importantly do
you know which is the
more effective
approach for the genre you're writing?

Script Development


So you’ve typed the words Fade Out or you’ve gotten as far as having done some revision, maybe re-written some scenes you weren’t happy with and checked your formatting & grammar.   Your screenplay is now ready to go out to producers, agencies, studios or funding bodies, right? 

Without a shadow of a doubt the answer most assuredly is no, not yet.

It never ceases to amaze every industry professional who reads scripts for a living, just how far from sellable over 98% of screenplays are.   That’s not to say your premise isn’t ‘high concept’, unique or has mass audience appeal, but rather that the execution simply isn’t working yet.   But if you have a good story, wouldn’t they be willing to work on your project and help bring it up to a commercially viable level?   Again unfortunately, no. There are just far too many spec scripts out there for them to worry about yours.   If there isn't already clear evidence you’ve something special on the page, it simply won’t be given the time of day; no one ever said this isn’t a brutal industry.

Studios and production companies only develop screenplays that they’ve commissioned to a writer, or are in that 2% of specs that capture the reader’s attention and stand out amongst the rest.   Developing your script to get it into that 2% is where we come in.   Beyond character and plot continuity, or originality, there are a plethora of ways you could slip up and not even know it, that’ll result in permanently putting the script reader off side.   These people read so many scripts like yours that literally any excuse to put it into the reject pile will suffice.

We make sure your script gets a fair go by addressing these issues.

Beyond your story, we also work on developing the writing style itself to make it more efficient, engaging and attention grabbing.   Creating a ‘reading script’ is without a doubt the most important stylistic element any spec writer must employ and developing this is a key component of what we do.


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