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Nothing will frustrate someone reading your script faster than speling mistakes, grammatical errors'
and even ttypos. An
edit will make sure all your scenes end and
link appropriately, but it'll also touch up your writing to avoid losing your reader over the more trivial matters.









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Editing Service

When you opt for Script Editing you'll be assigned an editor who will go through your screenplay, page by page, line by line with specific attention paid to: thematic integration, character continuity, scene linking, narrative pacing, balance between plot and character development, use of subtext, formatting & grammar and finally your script as a reading script (critical if hoping to submit to US Production Companies/Studios). If you're feeling like there's nothing else left to do on your script, you can be guaranteed it requires an edit before taking it out into the market.

For further information on this service please send us and email or to submit your script for editing please see the submissions page.





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