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The serious writer
never stops learning
and opening
themselves up to new ideas and approaches
to screen-writing.










Becoming a spec screen writer is more than just a decision one day to write a screenplay. For many it becomes their passion and a way of life outside the nine to five of their daily lives. Luckily there is, in large part thanks to the growth of the internet, an increasingly large community of writers and other talent willing to discuss and explore this craft amongst their peers. Recognising this we will continue to help sift through the vast amount of material out there and help bring it to your attention.

Writing is typically a very insular process, but it doesn't have to be and indeed shouldn't be, especially if you're new to this exciting roller-coaster ride of an industry. And like Hollywood itself, knowing what's going on in the industry is just as important for the serious spec writer as it is for the execs and agents trying to find the next big thing.

As such over the coming months we'll be looking to expand our services to include bringing important information about the spec script scene to your attention, as well as provide useful tidbits on story craft, market movements and other critical elements that go beyond the words on your page.


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