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There is a very real
and very concerning problem with the
quality of many Australian spec scripts circulating around the distributors and
funding bodies.

Working with them we are well aware of this and as such stand well
situated to draft development notes aimed at preempting the issues they'll raise
with your project.









Services - For Producers

Script Assessment & Development's Hollywood trained assessors are eager to help you develop your next project to maximise its international and domestic appeal. Whether its covering spec. scripts or drafting story notes on recent acquisitions, Script A&D can help develop and improve your projects before submitting for production funding.


2 Page Synopsis & 1-2 Page comments written in standard Studio formatting. Ideal for obtaining an external, objective and easy to read assessment of spec. scripts that have been submitted to you. Please note large volume submissions may take several weeks to complete.

$132 (incl GST) per script, up to 10.

$121 (incl GST) per script if submitting more than 10.



2 Page Synopsis, 5 Page evaluation & 2-3 Pages of Development Notes (also known as Studio Notes) of your script. This option includes; a Studio formatted synopsis of your script, an assessment covering all of the elements offered in the Intermediate and Advanced Assessment, as well as several pages of script notes aimed at clarifying and strengthening the investment potential of your screenplay.
Note: This option reflects the approach taken by funding bodies in assessing projects for development funding.

$495 (incl GST) per script.







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