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A writer at any level must be willing to explore the possibility of major re-writes or even the dreaded page 1 rewrite. Every 'green
lit' script without exception goes through this process numerous times.

If you're serious about seeing the script you have in front of you up on the silver screen, the most invaluable first step is to have a professional, external assessment of your work done BEFORE it's sent out to anyone.











Script Development, also known as Script Editing, is a skill set that exists alongside but is very different to those of the screen-writer.   Writing is a fluid, creative process that should result in a script that is both original and yet highly congruent with successful films that have come before it.   However there also needs to be an exacting level of structure and logical consistency to the screenplay that is nearly always missed by writers.   Hence the evolution of Development and Editing.

You had an amazing idea and hopefully you’ve managed to get it onto the page, or even more hopefully between 90 and 110 of them.   But before you go racing off to every producer and funding body in the country, you need to have it critically and constructively pulled apart by someone who’s read and developed hundreds of them, from the newest spec writer through to the most established Hollywood literary talent.

The Australian industry from the very top down has become acutely aware that a lack of script development is perhaps the key reason behind our struggling market.   There’s no doubting our country has literary talent, but screenplays are a unique beast; part story, part logic & structure and above all, expensive business investment.

The development notes, assessments and editing we do have already been utilised by some of the pre-eminent film bodies in Australia precisely because we excel at balancing your story with what the market commercially wants. 'Commercial' may sound like a dirty word in what is a creative medium; but in a medium that requires between one and two hundred million dollars to realise, it's a clear necessity.



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