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The US Development structure works
because it uses professionals specifically trained
and capable of balancing story craft with the commercial aspects.

At the end of the day you're asking for a significant financial investment so your story, creative as it is, must also stack up as
a business investment; balancing this is
where our studio
notes serve to benefit
you the most.









Studio Assessment & Notes

An absolute must before submitting your project to be considered for development or production funding. This service is designed for those looking for expert analysis and development notes along literary as well as commercial lines and comprises the following:

2 Page synopsis of the screenplay structured and formatted in accordance with US Industry standards; enabling you to submit an outline of your project to prospective financial backers and/or partners in a format they're used to.

5 Page thorough analysis of the underlying strengths and weakness of your project, includes: Introductory Remarks (Overview), Premise, Theme, First 20 Pages, Plot, Genre, Characters & Dialogue, Tone, Subtext and Pacing as well as a general literary review and some Concluding Thoughts on how to best proceed with your next pass.

3-4 pages of Development Notes covering exactly the sort of feedback you'd receive from someone in Development or Acquisitions at Studio. Includes suggested ideas aimed at increasing the commercial appeal of your script, as well as a story based analysis along market conditions assessing the potential of your screenplay to sell.

Finally we evaluate how well your screenplay works as a Reading Script; currently a critical requirement for any script being sent out to agents, government funding bodies or production companies in the US.

To submit your script for this service, please see the submissions page.








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