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Conflict and jeopardy; quite simply the more the better. You do not have time to waste in the screenplay format so keep the exposition brief & dynamic and
the action fast-paced.











"Wow! Mate, you are bloody excellent. And even better, you 'got' my thinking right through the whole damned script. I read your notes thinking again and again; "yeah, uh huh, well of course - why hadn't I just written that?". All the reasoning is here in my mind, but I was trying to be too hasty and skimmed things over too much."

- Mark F.


"Awesome notes! They will be a great help I am sure. I am indebted to you for your assistance."

-Adam M.


"Thank you so much for your thorough engagement, your honest and informed critique and constructive comments on my script. You absolutely nailed it.   Where I've been lazy - you picked up perfectly; where I've put in a scene because I know it should be there according to my plot line but haven't detailed it or given it the attention it needed - you picked that up too. Where I faltered, you saw and have offered a way to correct my step.  So, I agree with all your judgments and am very pleased with your whole report"

- Frances M. F.


"That makes perfect sense thanks, I will keep working on it... I have never learnt so much ; ) Thanks."

- Red J.

"We would like to communicate to you both that this is an excellent piece of work. You have managed to reveal many shortcomings in what was our first attempt at creating a screenplay (by the way, we now have the program Final Draft). After reading your report we are left reinvigorated about the future of this project. We agree wholeheartedly with the analysis of our work. So much so that we, as writers, are very excited about the direction we are in the process of taking with this piece.


- Dave F.


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